Published on June 25, 2020 (Updated on November 03, 2020)

-Sky Block- New Islands

-Sky Block-

It's a game where you have to survive on one or several small islands where you will find interesting things to survive game credits or addons is within the map

If you have any questions or find something I'm missing send me a message in my xbox account

Players max 10

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1-Book land

2-Ice rock

3-Nether blue

4-Villager house

5-New shader and bug fixed

Supported Minecraft versions

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I can’t join the world
It wont let me put the armor on
also i couldnt join it it wont let me join
you can't join because it is only for 1.16 and 1.16.100
what's the name of the shader you used?
What shader do you use?
If you see that it is blocked by chrome, it is a mediafire error since this package does not contain viruses or something that slows down your cel, it is only an error
Thank you all for sending us your comments of the link error we will fix it
www. mediafire .com / file / aqsjjdbyi6hk8d9 / Sky_Block_.mcworld / file

I fixed the link
Uhhhhhh it did not Work why?
Plz fix it ?
And im Guest-3321867858 and 6465537720 ok?
Why there is a problem on mediafire it says "400 Bad Request???