Published on December 08, 2019 (Updated on January 06, 2020)

Skyblock Infinite Beta

Skyblock is a very difficult game mode, you will have to prove that you are the best to survive with limited resources. here you will not be able to enter the other dimensions as a normal survival

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The islands that appear on the sides have been enlarged.

2 new islands have been added when they appear, now you will be sent to a ready island, without the option to choose between other base islands.


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This isn't skyblock, its skywars. Nice job
It is awesome:) When I select island #3, the spawnpoint is set wrong, and the player keeps spawning in air and drop to death. Also, can you make it to automatically change from adventure mode to survival when player is on an island
Can you please change the download to like, dropbox, or maybe a direct download?
Also, looks very cool if I could download it