Published on August 02, 2021 (Updated on May 26, 2024)

Skyblock Item Generator

Skyblock, but with a massive twist!Unlike before, where resources were hard to come by, and you had to grow/farm it, you can now devote all your time to automation, harvesting, and XP farming! What do I mean when I say this? Well, since generators are your main source of resources, and they can only be upgraded with XP, it's important to get them as high-level as possible. 

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Could you update this world to v1.21.0 later?

There are going to be copper theme items like Copper Doors. I would like to see more islands, including the end portal. The Budding Amythest won't grow shards due to setting the world to 0 ticks. Be sure to enable dropmobloot, dropentityloot, and droptileloot, and enable mob events when you finish updating your world. The nether Island takes too long to spawn items. If you have trouble enabling/disabling the game rules, let me know in the comments. I'll make a function command for you on Discord.
Its Broken For Me But GG
How do you make the items appear on the block? I've tried to do this on my world and can't figure out how. Can you help me?
This may not sound very helpful. If by block, do you mean bedrock? If so, the command blocks teleport from the ticking area to on top of the bedrock. For more info, DM me on discord. My username is Bigpokemonfan#7762

I don't want anyone to know this map's coordinates.
we used the structure command there are no tp commands in this map
your map broken for me
What a great map! It could be better if you use a behavior pack for custom blocks and loot tables.

I'm making a skyblock item generator map, so you be able to get drops from mobs.

Maybe I'll make a sell mechanic for upgrades. Is it okay I use your commands? I plan to use function commands to reduce a small amount of lag and make a world 4000x4000. But beyond 4500, there's a lot of border blocks to prohibit from going further.
this thing has 700 download how is there only 3 comments?