Published on March 24, 2021 (Updated on March 24, 2021)

SkyBlock +Plus Dungeon

Hi all right, good if you are tired of always playing the same simple skyblock without many adventures, then my friend this map is perfect for you, as it has a totally different dynamic from several common maps, but by that I don't mean that this is the best for not being simple, I also love the classic maps, but today I bring something different for you dear players ...

Initially, the map has 11 islands along with the main

-Shop island

-Desert island (contains zombie summoner)

-Mushroom island (contains mushroom cow summoner)

-Island contains the nether portal

-Snow island

-Island water bottle

-Mountain island (contains a unique mob summoner)

-Forest island (contains the entrance to the dungeon)

-Well we also have 4 more islands, for you to acquire them you will have to buy the package (+4 islands) in the store, I will not show them so as not to give spoiler :D

-We also have exclusive items

-We have level systems

As soon as Minecraft is updated, we will have new items to be added !!!!! Well, that's it, I hope you like my map

I inform you that the map is in (Portuguese Brazil) but contains some things in English, but they are easy to understand ...

Please note if you are going to record, post or publish on any website, I inform you to include my channel link as credits or the link on this mcpedl page

My youtube channel: ATHIS_PLAYS

The map works only in the version (Bedrock Edition)

Select version for changelog:


-Borrection of errors in the dungeon

-Blocks that were missing in some places were placed


The file is in zip


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

When the imposter is kinda 100% suspect susssss
queridas pessoas

Esqueci de passar algumas informações no mapa, então peço que não baixem o mapa agora, em 3 dias liberarei uma v2 do mapa.
Yess finally the one and only skyblock