Published on March 22, 2018 (Updated on March 22, 2018)

SkyBlock [Survival]

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where are the other islands? I was only able to get to sand island and nether :/
Very bad map, didn't like it
my hunger doesnt go all. is that intentional, and if so, how do i fix it???
It's not intentional I think it's some bug of the map
Guest-4967147428 May 19, 2020 at 5:45 pm
Check your difficulty i think its on peaceful mode
Jump into void
my hunger doesnt go all. is that intentional???
How do i breed the cows? I dont cant have seeds to grow wheat and the nehter chest doesn't contain seeds.
Nevermind, im stupid. I figured out how now. ;-;
Make mctemplate file
Does it have nether too?
How do you get shears?
Smelt iron armor drops from zombies or sometimes they drop ingots. Have you gotten sheep spawns?
Wrong respawn position
Respawn and die again
If this is my second comment I apologize this is my second attempt as my first hasn't seemed to go through.
I love this map, even doing a YouTube series on it, but I need help, did you change something with the biomes, looking on a world of the same seed and comparing it to the map, the map is snowing where there should be grasslands, swamps etc., Or is it something to do with the fact it is a port from java edition, and in that case, is there anything I can do to figure out where the different biomes are? Thank you :)
In the bedrock edition, the area where he potred it to might have been a snowy biome.
The snowy biome was intended by the original creator.
I love this map, I am even doing a YouTube series on it, but I need help, did you do something strange with the biomes, I looked on a world with the same seed and from that, the map world is snowing where there should be grasslands, swamps etc.
How am I suppose to get a flint if there is no flint?
You want to light the nether portal. To do that put wood in front of the portal's opening, and burn the wood with lava. The fire from the burning wood should ignite the portal
1.7.0 — Only polar bears and rabbits for passive spawns. I assume thats why there are cow spawn eggs? Is it possible to grow the grass to a biome that will spawn chickens and sheep? Also, what’s the reason for the bedrock block? I assume the sandstone is bc you couldn’t make the sand float (didbyou try 2-high flowers then piston the bottom once in place), but the bedrock is confusing (and less usefull than dirt).
I see that the bedrock block was original. I thought that maybe there was a height component to phantoms because they didn’t spawn until after I built a house (y70), but maybe it takes longer than 3 nights in Bedrock edition? I’m currently staying under full blocks at night (or in the nether). My mob spawner is slow, so it will be a long time before I get a bed as I still haven’t had any passive mobs besides bunnies and polar bears.
So, once the mob farm was going a bed was easy, but still no sheep have spawned so the wool challenges will be impossible (still only rabbits and polar bears). It seems like the strays don’t have armor as much as the skeletons from strays but it might just be the slow rates. After a lot of time, I still don’t have an ingot to my name. It’s a bummer you need shears to make snowmen these days. Ive glitched through blocks into the void like 4 times when loading the game. Be sure you are on a full block when you save, preferrably on the second floor. PS Phantoms won’t bother you if you build below “sea level”.
Guest-2877496035 May 19, 2020 at 5:48 pm
Bruh use string from spiders to craft it
Oh, I’m getting no spawns n the nether. Maybe not enough area was cleared and mobs on land fill the density cap?
Guest-9764849675 May 19, 2020 at 5:48 pm
Make a platform 24 blocks away from your portal
tree wont grow its been 10 minustes and they still wont i need help