Published on April 12, 2020 (Updated on August 25, 2022)

Skyblock X Skywars 2.0 (End Update) (PVP) (2-8 Players)

Do you like the survival-like aspect of skyblock and enjoy the thrill of the PVP in skywars? Well then this map is PERFECT for you!! The map requires 2-8 players to play but is best experienced with 4 or more.

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1. Updated the header image

2. Added the End

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It had to have a reset button where we can repair the map automatically
So I'm only giving a 3-star I would give it a 4-star if you would make it repair the map automatically
Cant download. Site isnt loading.
Very interesting map, I’ll definitely have to try this out with 3 other friends!
This breaks every time i play it with friends. i press play button, doesnt set the other players and im playing with 4 players. 1 on every team.
Why not a reset map command?
I bet you should put commands on command block to reset the world on its own
Wow cool good to play with friend
Most stupidest
What did you not like about the map? We would be glad to fix it and make it better!
The map isn't bad
It's just had to have a reset button where we can repair the map automatically
Oh he dislikes the idea of a Skyblock/ Skywars fusion map
Guest-4995241112 May 13, 2020 at 9:37 am
You know it hurts when you get that similar comment to you, he worked hard, coded stuffs and builded the map just for us people, and then you will just get this comment? Rude