SkyHardcore2 (Map/Survival)

SkyHardcore is a game mode which changes survival type but with an unusual map. As the name suggests you will live in the sky on a floating island with extra difficulties in the "Hardcore" mode. Mainly it is a single player game although it can be multiplayer there are variants that allow cooperative play or even PVP combats between nether islands with the mini boss, Travel to a new world and let your imagination fly in an unknown environment. With so much to discover, the possibilities are almost endless. Good Luck!

Discord server: PokiSquad
Twitter: @PokiCraft_Lord
Team Cubitos MC


Supported Minecraft versions

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Buen trabajo, una pregunta el generador de ores sirve o de que se trata.
Why the Ore generator won't work
How to put this to my minecraft world?? Pls answer i want it
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