Published on November 29, 2016

Skyner's Mob Arena [Survival]

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I completed the map alone. With no cheat, and 5 died
This map is impossible. The monsters spawn every one second.
Omg I did it but died like 20 times as I kept dieting and losing my stuff I had to use creative to get back my items but make more battle maps and make them less unsaid for the first round and add 5 more rounds to it and make it so iron golems can be made or something and have a boss round to end it
Impossible with 1 player and iron golems don't work
Maybe can you give the monsters that will spawn in each wave. I like the map but just say the monsters in the waves
Plz review more maps like this soo dope
and props to the creator do more plz
Hey editor i want to add my world to mcpedl
Wow! that's insanely hard when you only have one player!