Published on February 15, 2021 (Updated on January 16, 2022)

Skywars Hive Ores

Have you ever played on the hive? Well if you play skywars then this is the pack for you!

It makes the ores textures to what they actually drop. :)

It makes the ores stand out and you wont ever be confused about what they do/drop ever again!

Also, it has a pretty cool outline ;)

I would add an image here of what it looks like in game but mcpedl only allows 2mb pictures, so I cant. 

Thanks mcpedl.


All of the ores:







They will all appear in the hive if you put it in global resources, if it says that there is a behaviour pack just click ok and it should skip over it. I recommend deleting the behaviour pack (if it imports) as it really doesn’t do anything.

I do this for fun, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

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• Updated download links (fixed broken mediafire redirect) and made the mediafire download work properly.


Click on ‘Free access’ after waiting 5 seconds. Then click on ‘Discover articles’ and wait 12 seconds, then press the x, you should get to the download page.


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Yooo the best! Why is this so underrated?
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I fixed the MCpack for you here's the link:

I like the pack btw
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the pack is fine thanks. please dont post links in the comments
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You put the folder in the zip instead of the files btw that is why it is not working
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idk why but textures appear in Get More textures area
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pretty sure this is an issue on your end. maybe try and reinstall your minecraft?
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