Published on April 12, 2022 (Updated on May 27, 2024)

Sky Wars v4

This map was created by BlocksBuild, a group of Minecraft content creators such as myself. You may reuse this map for anything you want, as long as you give BlocksBuild credit for the map. Other than that, please enjoy the map and consider joining our Discord Server:

(Note: Please report any bugs you find!)

(For any Admins who might question our work, 1: Yes, I am the owner/creator of BlocksBuild, and 2: Join our Discord server and ask anyone you want if this map was actually made by us. Since we made it, we can't really show any proof that someone else gave us permission to use their work, because as I said before, this is our work, not someone else's. However, parts of the map are similar to other creators, such as the water portal to teleport to the game. That is from Andiuber. We were inspired by it, and decided to add that feature to our map as well. Please don't keep saying it's not our work! Thank you!)


This game was created by BlocksBuild.

Please join our Discord Server:


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Version 4:

This is a Major update!
Here are a few things included in it:

  • Updated Lobby Again!
  • Updated Day / Night Switch!
  • Improved Spectator Mode!
  • Updated (and added) Chests!
  • Updated Plains and Snowy maps!
  • Added Nether Map!
  • Added Mineshaft Map!
  • Added Desert Map!
  • Updated and Improved Changelog Wall!
  • Fixed Parkour!
  • Added an Underground Parkour! (Same reward as the above ground parkour)
  • Added a new feature: The Meteor Chest!
  • Updated map file to the new current version.
  • Added our website so the community can access our creations more efficiently.

For a more detailed changelog, as well as the credits and even our contact information, please download the map and check the designated books next to walls for details!

Please note that this map is not likely to be updated again unless there are bugs, or you suggest anything on our website you think would be worth adding. If there are bugs, please let us know!


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