Published on June 10, 2020 (Updated on March 15, 2021)

Slendrina: The Cellar 1 [Horror] [Adventure] [Survival]

She's back but in another world

And she's challenging you to visit her cellar

Do you accept her challenge? 

Well let see if you can play this map till end. 

This map is based on the original game of SLENDRINA THE CELLAR created by DVloper

This is the first part of Slendrina (Cellar 1) where you need to find 8 old books to escape from Slendrina you also need to find keys to open several doors, look around as soon as you see Slendrina, Never look back

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- Added restart feature when slendrina kills you

- Added restart button on the end of the game

- Fixed Several bugs

- Fixed the bug when the player stuck on the loading screen

- Added some commands for better gameplay experience



  • Slendrina The Cellar 1 (v_1.4).mcworld
  • Slendrina Cellar 1 res pack (v_1.4).mcpack

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You're literally using some textures from my original Minecraft Slendrina The Cellar map without asking any permission from me, that's not cool.
Actually I do, I asked your permission but you didn't replied you can see it on your fnaf SL 3, the reason I asked your permission there is because I really wanted to make a fnaf sl to but you already did it so good, but in slendrina I thought I could make it much better so I try to make one, and almost all of those pictures on texture pack was taken on the original game I took a screenshot while playing it and cropped it on PicsArt, I'm really sorry if I use your Texture pack without your confirmation
Make Cellar 2 Quickly. Just kidding. Just take your time for your hard work. ;). Also I love it. A little problem texture on book but it's ok. I will just accept your hard work. I hope your work doesn't corrupted. Cuz it happened to me while building zombie apocalypse town. Trying how long I survived. But it got destroyed. 5 star for this map
And yes. Here's my request map: Can you make Granny and Granny Chapter Two. *Make it better* after Slendrina cellar 2 and 3 or just build today, I dunno but I really appreciate your hard work
Your request map granny and granny chptr 2 has a lot of version on youtube I'm not sure if It is a good idea to create another version, unlike slendrina that has only few version
Still me: You did awesome job.
Still me again: Umm..
7/5 stars
Very Good Map. It Jump Scare me little bit. ( I still jump scared even I finish/escaped 10 Slendrina Games *Real not Minecraft* ). And can you change texture of key cuz it's yellow. Nvm. But it's Very good tho. Love you creator and DVloper (creator of horror games)
Do my request map. Or I change it
Wow, I can't believe it! Thats so long and thank you very much for your nice feedback I'll try to fix the key next time thank you for telling me, Slendrina cellar 2 is already done I'll upload it soon, I hope youre here when its uploaded! Thank you for your rating! ?
this map is awsome!!
Awewsome and amazing
luv it