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Published on November 08, 2016 (Updated on November 08, 2016)

Slime Boss Addon

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I got the addon and I am not really sure... It said “With Caution”
When it loaded.. But, I do find it really interesting in the comments and pictures.
This looks awesome! Don’t mention Mod.. We don’t mention that in our family.
Anyways! I am animating some episodes of wolves!
Unspeakablegaming July 29, 2018 at 8:51 am
Hi, its Unspeakable, can u make a ultimate sword addon which works well beckfast
Hi unspeakable can you send me a friend request
He is fake obviously.
How much health does the slime boss have?
Can you give me the name of the texture pack without the slime boss thing?Btw the addon is so awesome!
This is a really good addon/mod but all of the textures for all of the addons load so slow I had 4 addons and it took an hour!! I'm on an iPhone 5 plz help :(
It was sooo cool and intense I almost died 3 times!!! It was so fun I hope there will be a new update that would be amazing :)
The behavior pack doesn't work. Nothing I've tried has worked including deleting every other behavior pack and downloading just it. There must be a glitch in the coding.
Try installing the resource pack before you install the behavior pack.
What a texture did u use?
can u make another resource pack that is just the optofine grass cause I luv it
It said import failed on my iPad too, and I do not have a lot of behavior packs on the iPad.
Try deleting all other packs.
Could u give a link to the map u used
Everytime i import the behavior to minecraft it says import failed on ios but other addons work.
That happened on my iOS for a different addon. Maybe you don't have enough storage?
One of the best addons i have installed , you should add much more content to it