Slime Ore Add-on (1.13+)

This Add-on adds a new ore in your game. The Slime Ore! This ore spawns naturally in Swamp biome only. With this Add-on you can get Slimes faster. While you're mining in the swamp caves, you'll get Slime balls even if you do not find the Slime. Just collect the Slime Ores, and put them in a Furnace. You can also use a Blast Furnace!


Supported Minecraft versions

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Guest-2641851426 May 26, 2020 at 1:58 pm
Does anyone explain how to download this addon?
Pls change it so they spawn eyerywhere
The link doesnt work pls fix i really want this addon
este addon funciona en la 1.14.1 ?
Pls make it in every biome
What if I created a world in 1.13 changed it back to 1.12 would the ores still be there.
Good question. Maybe if you could open a 1.13 world in the official 1.12. But you can't open a world that already opened at 1.13, at 1.12. Unfortunately! :(
What if you installed it in a survival world that already existed (it is already in 1.13 and experimental mode), will it be able to spawns naturally?
Can spawn. Only on world chunks that haven't loaded yet! :)
I could not find the ore in the caves under the swamps. Please fix it.
Turn on experimental gameplay, and search again.
cant find it in creative tab
Thank you so much for this useful addon
Thank you for your rating. Glad you liked it.
Link doesn't work fix this plz !
Hi, just wondering if you can add Tools to this add-on like a slime sword you know.