Published on December 28, 2021 (Updated on November 01, 2022)

Smartphone Add-on V2.2!

Change the weather, day, night, play music and apply effects to improve your game and have fun with your friends! An add-on made for you and your friends to have fun, maybe even troll each other!

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  • Now there is only one color available for the smartphone.
  • New apps added: Bank, App Store, Store, Settings & Discraft.
  • New UI
  • New texture for battery icons
  • Bugs Fixed: Translation bugs on the Tools and Armors tabs in Store App
  • Some junk files have been removed from add-on folders
  • Changed the lore that shows when you use the Smartphone for the first time
  • Fixed some Script-API bugs.



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For those it keeps crashing on, it turns out it crashes when you use the phone in creative mode. It can only be used in survival mode without crashing.

• Creo que the banking app debería aumentar el costo para depositar porque con una granja de hierro, granja de oro o trading hall se pueden conseguir muy fácil los minerales.

• La app Day&Night es innecesaria, cambiar el tiempo con una app le quita la gracia al juego. Propongo que invente una app como GPS, pero con la función de poder marcar lugares dentro de la app y ponerles nombre.

• La app Weather también es algo que no tiene sentido en el juego, en su lugar podría agregar una camera app o un flashlight app (esto si es posible) xd

• La app de efectos debería tener algún precio para que no sea tan sencillo obtener los efectos.

• Por último le faltaría añadir una forma de cargar el Smartphone.

El mod es muy útil, está muy bueno. Espero no molesten mis sugerencias xd
Ei criador tens de atualizar isso não funciona na versão mais recente por fafor atualiza.😐 Aposto que vou gostar do mod parece muito bem feito👍
hello, im a developer from a server, i was wondering if i could use a few of the code you use for the server, ill give out credits to you if you accept my permission to use this, thanks.
I tried to use the mod, following all the steps but it never works. Is that I must be in a survival world to properly access it? .3.
Just update this addon bro.
bro update this
hey peps, vc pode atualizar o addon? ele infelizmente não está funcionando nas versões mais atuais e isso é meio chato 8(, mas mesmo assim, nas versões anteriores ele é ótimo
Pedrohenrique274923 April 06, 2023 at 8:50 am
vdd, não ta funcionando no meu) :
Atualize por favor n esta funcionando mais nas versões atuais
please update the addon i need this addon for a map please
Please 🥺 update for Minecraft pe offical
Please update and fix mod, because it doesn't work in minecraft 1.19.51
Please make it to where we can use it in creative Please And THX :D