Published on July 16, 2020 (Updated on February 24, 2022)

Smooth Planks Origin

Smooth Planks is a texture pack for Minecraft bedrock edition. Which makes wood planks look realistic. It's not very heavy. And also simple. 


At a glance 

Name: Smooth Planks 

Creator: Rahee07 and Wasi 

Version: 1.0.3 (v2) 

Size: Less than 1 MB 

Resolution: 64×64 

Supported game version: 1.18.x and above 

Affects in-game achievements?: No 


Special Thanks to 

  • Wasi for the original concept of the pack. (99% of credit goes to him)
  • Safwan Sami for testing the pack.

Got a very old device? 

You can try its lite version here.

Select version for changelog:

  • Simplified article. 
  • Updated download link. 
  • Removed old links. 
  • Added 1.18 support.


Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

When I go to press continue it says error can u pls update the download link
This this looking cool but can add modern textures to other wood variants like fence logs signs and othercool stuff
Fence uses the texture of planks. Signs, bookshelves and crafting table will be changed on V2
I really liked it, but to use inside buildings, because on the outside, I found it a little strange
Can you tell us why it looks strange? We can use your feedback to make this pack better.
Its not working
I not like that this link my not have oneDrive Account Pls i need another link
hey make all of the wood stuff look like that
Hello, can I use the texture pack for my map?
Yes, you can. But do not use shortener like adfly.
Can you add another Link because I can't DL the link that you put in.
Sure, I'll update the pack soon with secondary link.