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Published on September 09, 2015 (Updated on September 09, 2015)

Smoothic Shaders [16x16]

Smoothic is a popular texture pack originally created for the PC version of Minecraft. This is a ported texture pack which besides the Smoothic textures also add shaders to the design which make the entire texture pack look more realistic. Smoothic is primarily known for being a cartoony and fun texture back, but with the shaders it looks a lot more alive and even a bit realistic.

Creator: Leozy
Ported by: Pr1me


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Guys your not gonna get a response from a post in 2015 it doesn't work in 2019 find a recent texture pack
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For all of you who need help on IOS, here’s how!

Download ‘Documents by readdle’ you may need to check on the ‘iPad only’ button on the filters

Next go back to the media file link, do ‘copy to Documents’

It will load you in, it would normally wouldn’t work the first time so after you load in the first time, go back to the media files and ‘Copy to Documents’

Thirdly, go rename the ‘zip’ to ‘mc.pack’.

Finally, press the upload button and copy to Minecraft.

If you have questions or concerns, you may reply to this comment. Enjoy your day!
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PLEASE READ=MISTAKE June 02, 2019 at 9:48 am
I meant ‘share’ not ‘upload’.
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hi, i followed your steps and it didn't work? i renamed the file to "" but it didn't work. did i do something wrong?
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No no, IOS Upload is #WRONG, rename it to Smoothic.mcpack !!!!
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It won’t let me copy it to Minecraft help
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hEy does this work on IOS?
Please reply quickly, I LOVE IT :3
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U cant download on IOS, can u?
Pleaze reply quickly :3
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What is the shader name?
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If i use the blocklauncher does it work???????

Answer me now please
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Probably not on 0.15.6.
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Is this texture pack com pitiable with 0.15.0?
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Does it work for 0.14.0???
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Looks very nice, going to download.
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