Published on January 23, 2021


Welcome to SNIPER vs RUNNER! 

This is an exciting PvP map made for at least 2 players where one player is running the parkour and the other is trying to knock them down.

Epic montage of me and a few friends playing the map!


Supported Minecraft versions

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One word : FANTASTIC!
I just played the game with my squad! and it was worth it!
There are few minor bugs,
and there can be more levels! I myself am a Minecraft coder, and i added few things to spice things up!
Overall it was good, and it would be nice if there was more levels!
Thanks for the feedback! Please let me know of the bugs if you find more. I'll do my best to fix them.
I first one I noticed was falling into lava, me and my friend were competiting to finish the parkour, but everytime we fell in lava it said "fell from a high place" or "tried to swim in lava" and if it came tried to swim in lava, it just wasted time and my frd would have a I made sure anyone touched the lava will die instantly(to make it more fair).

And the other was arrows! There were limited so I put a replace command there is infinite arrows without making a mess in your inventory!

And I did few other things like game the sniper 5 arrows of slowness and 5 arrows swiftness(made it difficult to complete) and added a little more difficult parkour to get jump portion!