Published on June 15, 2021


Have you just updated to the latest version of minecraft 1.17 and would like to test the spyglass? It's components are the ability to help the player zoom in at a point from a far away distance. This pack turns the spyglass into a sniper model! 

As you can see, the spyglass model has been changed to a 3D sniper model you can see from first person and third person perspective. Zooming in by right clicking (or long pressing on mobile), you will see the scope overlay has also been changed into a sniper rifle scope. 

The gun is placed on your right hand, assuming it works fine for your device and won't have bugs. Due to the lack of information, we can't add more pose animations for the scoping yet, such as left hand holding and other things. But since this is a resource pack, this is compatible for mutiplayer assuming the server you join has spyglasses to give. Of course, only you will see it as a sniper on your hand. 


In downloading, just press skip ad, block all incoming notifications and it will go to mediafire after a minute. Then press the file and import to minecraft. 


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excellent texture pack, but the download link is down
Can you make it a spotter scope tho?
hey can you do the same thing again but this time is a bow? i wanna have a bow that have sniper model just a request
same, it will really cool i wanna try that