Published on March 29, 2020 (Updated on March 31, 2020)

Snow Wars (Minigame)

Snow wars is a kind of minigame like spleef but better, with defences like snow, or Snow golems making this game hard. Make a good defence to protect yourself, trow snowballs to win the game.

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2 players mode is now playable
so tell me if you see any bug or problem :)



  • Snow Wars by JmedDe.mcworld

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Hola Amigo Ise un Video de tu mapa espero que te atraiga mas seguidores que aprecien tu trabajo :)!

Wow! Nice idea. I like the solo version. Good job
Works very good 2 player isnt done yet tho so cant try it
I'm glad you like it, sorry, you can play with 2 players if you have a friend to, i mean 2 players mode can have some bugs. Play it if you want and help me with bugs if you see :)