Published on December 27, 2017 (Updated on December 27, 2017)

Snowgrunt Addon

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what does it drop?
I have some ideas for this: I know you have addons that don’t replace mobs or items so make this a custom mob. It shall spawn naturally in the snow biome. It can toss large ice blocks at you and then rapid fire snow balls at you. If you get to close it smashes that ice block it has against you dealing immense knock back. It can summon hostile snow golems after you. I want you to update the texture and make that an actual ice block in its hand. Make it like a mini boss right now it’s health is way too close to the withers I suggest making it at least 100-150.
He got 2 attcks lol
"Build a spawn structure with four snow blocks and one pumpkin"
Question: When I built it , it doesn't work!
Its pretty obvious August 23, 2018 at 6:36 am
I think its 2 snow blocks
I dowloaded both files and installed them, and when I started the game and spawn the mob, it doesn't attacked me.
I mean, I installed the behavior pack but it still acting like a normal snowman
Doesn’t work
why doesn’t it attack wither and iron golem when they attack it
Why does it look like it is sitting on a chair?
I love all of the new monster-addons that you’ve been doing recently there really neat keep up the good work! :)
Is it possible to leave the snow golem in the shape of the iron golem?
You got to do something with the Strat next
Awesome! I knew something else super awesome would show up from TheEnderFace, but I didn't expect this! Great job! Keep it up! (first comment lol)