Published on September 24, 2021 (Updated on November 05, 2021)

Snowy's Traffic Lights

Welcome to Snowy’s Minecraft World and my Traffic Lights for Minecraft Bedrock!

If you’re building a road, then at some point you may want to think about adding some rules for your roads, especially if you’re running a server! For this I’ve created Traffic Lights. They are not yet automated (a project for another day) but they are changeable. You could have so many variants of Traffic Lights but for now, I’ve kept it simple.

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  • Tested and confirmed working with the latest Minecraft release 1.17.41
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good addon you can make the traffic lights automatic instead of manual.
Still a work in progress but I am working on it!
do you make it to be a block instead of a entity already?

(Sorry for bad english)
It can be done however, these are built for a server and you cannot use experimental mode on servers and until you can, they have to remain as entities.
CosmicCraftersBuildTeam October 26, 2021 at 12:59 pm
Nice, would it be possible to make it so you can change the light with a redstone signal?
They're built as entities so I'm not sure if that's possible but in the 1.18 update I'll be able to convert them over to blocks so that could be possible then. Opens up automation via redstone and sensors etc
Nice addon, really useful for my world! but also where did you get those cars?
ah yes, I should have given them a shout out too.
Search for Simple Vehicles Add-on Version 1,3,4 - The Bugfix Update by RMPlaysMC YT
Muito bom! Mais eu gostaria de saber aonde posso encontrar esse mod de pistas sinalizadas?! Já vem incluso no nós?
You are a great creator however, could you add all of your addons into one mod pls?
Yes, but just hang in there! I realise I have done this very long-winded but that's how I created them for my world. I wasn't uploading them then. I'm actually starting to work on them as blocks ready for 1.18 rather than the entity style they are now.
Once I have done this I will box them all up and have bigger packs!