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Published on May 17, 2017 (Updated on May 17, 2017)

Softer Rain Sounds Pack

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Please make a invisible, silent rain.
It seems like the simple things are some of the most useful. When I am playing survival, it's always raining! I find this a really cool pack for those of you who are frustrated by the endless sound of rain.
Does this reduce the rain sounds even more so than the new volume that came with Update 1.2?
Please make Final Fantasy XV sounds pack
Thx now i dont have to use /toggledownfall anymore on my creative wrolds or sleep in my survival. the rain sounds MUCH MUCH softer but i think you should make sound somewhat like drips or something like that. anyways 10 OUTTA 10! :D
I love all of your things they are amazing
Good Idea
I still agree it could be a tad bit softer...
Like It and the sound of it too;)
Could be better you could just not have rain at all with toggledownfall but ok
It's meant for survival
Ehhhhhhhh ok good
Let me know on twitter, if the sounds need a little tweaking.