Published on August 25, 2018 (Updated on August 25, 2018)

Soldiers Addon

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Adfly doesn't work ther is no allow button ive tried reloaded the site but nothing happens can you do it on another site pls
[BF2042] Aspect_Gaming January 08, 2022 at 9:43 pm
can you make them in teams? or make them attacking players like PvAi?
Can you Make a gun mod for minecraft Ed!
bruh this is a virus malawarebytes identified it as a trojan.
you have been w a r n e d
agregar le
How to promote the soldiers?
It's already written on the manual, dumbass
Guest-1703015968 May 28, 2020 at 3:40 pm
When i try to promote them it doesnt work. Im on xbox and it doesnt give me an option. Ive tried to reload chunks and leave world, but to no use. If u could please fix this problem thx
They do not have helmets. How to get helmets?
How to get helmets?
The soldiers have no helmet. How to fix?
if your soldiers doesn't replace any mob it can be better
How do you make your soldiers not replace anything?
Can you make a version where they ARE hostile and DO attack by default if not tamed? Would like to use them as hostile NPCs in my world and make quests/missions for Players where they have to go up against soldiers.
This is an add-on big brain, not a map.
Can you possibly add a link that directs to mediafire and not the (invasive) adfly. I know it supports creators but xbox users are unable to access the link. Please consider this. Thank you
oh Someguy some reason it doesn't let me do links sorry
Ey just use your phone and get the link for It in media fire and type it in the browser that’s what I do and it works
Link not working
Can't spawn them in creative pls fix
Ya I had this problem too, but to fix this you have to use commands, /summon skeleton, you might think its skeleton but the behavlir and resource acts normally
You need to active both resources and behavior
Esta muy bueno el addon pero me gustaría que los soldados fueran como los lobos (osea q si tu golpeas una vaca o un aldeano ellos te ayudan a atacar ) y no q maten mounstros y ya , si agregan eso estará rechido el mod .
Do these have a spawn egg
The skulls are glitched and can’t spawn skeletons as well as missing a depenciences
Active both resources and behavior