Published on April 15, 2018 (Updated on April 15, 2018)

Soul Crawler Add-on

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This is like helcurt in mobile legends,you be able make jhonson
Is it soul crawler or soul creeper..
bc the title says Soul Crawler
but the description says Soul *Creeper*
i’m very impressed in these models you made in each addon @TheEnderface.
This is likely a hero in mobile legend suck you
Wait it’s titled Soul Crawler, but it’s called the Soul Creeper
Typo (Not really a typo): "The Soul *Creeper* replaces the Creeper
I really love the design on this. Reminds me of egpytian warriors.
Umm... Editor, you put Soul Crawler in the Subtitles and Titles. But you put Soul Creeper in everything else.
Bendy The Dancing Demon April 15, 2018 at 11:02 am
How did you make this
Wow he looks like helcurt from mobile legends
The once with the skin
It's Soul "Crawler" not "Creeper".
Looks like Helcurt the night crawler in Mobile legends
Typos: “it’s ability to blink” and also sometimes you called it the Soul Creeper and sometimes you called it the Soul Crawler. Fix these :)