Published on January 22, 2018 (Updated on January 22, 2018)

Soul Snatchers [Minigame]

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Spider you nee to get Pho's other two maps from soul snatchers on this too.
I love this map! I watched u play it with pho3n1x aswell! It was so funny and entertaining. I hope u keep uploading vids onto yt! Omg I can’t believe I found this map
I managed to escape first try after 3 HOURS! Awesome and gigantic! Love the map :3
I dont know how to tame it help please
Notch made minecraft
Hey the map SpiderEyeGaming made!
please give credit to original creator of this map which was ph3o1x
Pho3n1x created the gamemode, but I created this map
We’ve been waiting for Pho’s map on Bedrock... :)
I’ll try and see if he’ll port his original map over if it’s possible :)
Wow so cool dude
Cool,Scary,and Fun im second woohooo! :)
Mine glitched and I ended up in a swamp, but I am sure it would have been great ?
I know this isn’t related but in case you guys are annoyed by the bug that doesn’t let you long-press all the items into the chest, you can fix it in settings by switching over to classic mode instead of pocket. I personally don’t like classic, but whatever it works.
So basically hide and seek? Please make it work on command blocks or addons to give it a trill. (FYI: I haven't tried it yet) and make it just like the pc version of hide and seek(watch ssundee's video hide and seek)
It isn’t quite like Hide n Seek because the trapped are trying to make their way from the top of the building out of the bottom without getting killed by the souls. There is a goal instead of just hiding
I really like the map it’s very unlike and me and friend love to play on this.