Published on October 14, 2019 (Updated on October 02, 2020)

Sound Randomizer

This addon completely randomizes the sounds in the game, from mob noises, to block noises. This addon is great whether you are attempting a challenge, or if you want to confuse your friends.

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+ Added youtube video showcasing the addon

+ Bug fixes


Supported Minecraft versions

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You need to skip 5 blue screens to download
I can't download it.! After i click skip ad on adfly it sends me to s different adfly link with a blue backround and it tells me to accept notifications. I accepted but no link to download. I refused then again no link.
Very shame of you , creator !
Ah yes, very engrish
You cloud have download it if you didnt press allow and press deny instead.
its so cool yo!!!
cool addon bro!!!
Imagine if wearing headphones at max volume and the grass block walking sound was the ender dragon roar...
you can just change the filepath in the sounds.json file