Published on July 26, 2017 (Updated on July 26, 2017)

Source Reload Shader (Windows 10)


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do we need a paid version of minecraft windows 10???
Are ya using fake version?

Bro it works for 1.17.10 plz stop blabaring
i really like it
Shutup guys u ae just poops
It lags when u look up at the sky
I Activate The Pack And Nothing Happen
DUH. because this shader hasn't been updated in YEARS
Do you have optifine?
how do I get optifine?
Pugs are the best thing! September 01, 2021 at 11:00 am
That is only for java
you go to and go to downloads, if you want it for 1.15.2 then you'll have to click on previews, just so you know you have to download java for it to work
this is for bedrock genius
Just Click The .zip file
Then click direct download
That's it
doesn't work. don't bother with this guys
your wrong
no it doesnt mate i dont think it does atleast
burh. look at the pulish date- it hasn't been upated for years
it works on my iPad.
Como lo descargo
dont download this it doest workc
Doesnt change anything except sun Windows 10 Bedrock
This won't work the sun change
IT said windows 10 It didint work 1 star for u
yea it maybe old so it didn't work
That's because it's outdated
Doesn't seem to work for me, It just alters the sun that's it.
Me too, do you know if this works on 1.11.4