Published on July 18, 2018 (Updated on July 18, 2018)

Space Colony KS [Creation]

Far into the distant Minecraft future, humanity is forced to save itself from a cosmic disaster. As a result of humans mining the sun for valuable dark matter, the sun began to implode. The Earth began to cool rapidly, and a solution was needed quickly. The building team from Kidsource, led by master Minecraft builder Old Dad, came up with a bold solution. They would build a huge space colony and launch it towards the sun. Crewed by the Earth’s best and brightest, it proved to be the savior of humanity. The crew left a frozen Earth behind, in search of heat and energy. For centuries, Space Colony KS traveled towards a dying sun. The colony eventually fell into a permanent orbit around the failed, lava cover sun. Creator: KidsourceTwitter Account


  • 12 levels to explore
  • Custom texture pack including space suit, tools, weapons, blocks, mobs, and villagers.
  • Crew and captain’s quarters.
  • Indoor aquarium with coral reef.
  • Teleporting station for traveling outside the colony.



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Nice Map I can use this for my project THE INTERSTELLAR MERCENARIES. Thanks
One this MAP is awsome i wanted a cool space map i got it thanks for making it. ASO POTATOES
Nice one! I fixed the sun outpost. I didnt have anything to say but i wish i can make more tp stuff, but im lazy

I will do it for my entertainment
I like the story behind it.
Nice Map, it was fun
Hey awesome map! my friend and I role play on it!
Whats the texture pack
This is a good map
Thanks for trying it out!
All we need is a good AlienTM add-on.
Thanks for checking it out!
Diamondprogaming56 July 19, 2018 at 2:42 pm
It’s really cool but can you fix the lag
Thanks for trying the map. Sometimes big maps will lag on certain devices. This map works fine on my laptop, but lags on my tablet. Try setting the 'chunks rendered distance' in video settings down 4-8 blocks. You can also adjust other settings to help out, there are lots of YT vids on the subject. Hope that helps out, and thanks again for trying the map!
Thanks for the cool comment!
I love minecraft maps July 25, 2018 at 11:12 am
You are a very good person kys means keep yourself safe :D
You are hilarious new friend ???! Did you try the map? Can I put your comment up on my website as a user review? Because I have got to tell you, it's pure gold. Be sure and check out our other content here on MCPE DL and subscribe to our YouTube channel!
I love space stations July 24, 2018 at 7:15 pm
What a very nice thing to say kys means keep yourself safe :D
I really love these replies.