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Published on August 19, 2016 (Updated on August 19, 2016)

109995931: Spawn On A Jungle Temple

In this seed you will literally spawn on top of a jungle temple. It's actually the first time we've found a seed like this which makes it very rare. It's perfect if you want to start your next survival adventure in a jungle and want some good stuff, like diamonds, to start out with on your mission to survive.

Found by: MightyMapExplorer, YouTube

The spawn is on the roof of the temple. Turn around and walk to the other side of the temple to pass through its entrance.

In one chest you will find 2 diamonds and 5 rotten flesh.

The hidden chest can be accessed by using the levers or breaking the blocks which hide it. In this chest you will find 7 gold ingots, 4 iron ingots, 4 bone meal, 12 rotten flesh and 1 horse armor.

Very close to the jungle temple you will find a nice little tropical lake.

Seed: 109995931

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I have a seed
The seed is mosquito
You will spawn in a treeless survival island with a village very very nearby
This seed is for 0.12.0+
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I see the pond but no temple.
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Me too I see no temple although I checked the screenshots to see if I was at the correct place. I saw the pond and the lavafall. What version of minecraft is this for? My is 1.2
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Yup but it's cool there is a birch wood forest very far away but I actually need a jungle biome to tame some cats/ocelot but if your trying to do what I want to do who is reading this i have something to tell you spider rarely SPAWN in jungle so you have to keep an eye there for spider to get some string to make some fishing rod so you can tame some ? phew that was so long so hope you found my comment helpful but yeah

P.S make sure to make a house or a base to survive coz I don't build a base and then when I was sleeping a creeper just blow me up so survive (the 5 nights lel)
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Editor, Can you post directions to the Gillage?
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Wow very close to the temple
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