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Published on April 06, 2016 (Updated on April 06, 2016)

1139032603: Spawn In Front of a Witch Hut

In this seed you will spawn just in front of a witch hut. The witch hut is a little bit glitched because it looks as if it has sunk underground. But it does seem to be in use because when we entered we found a witch hiding inside the hut.

Found by: SephQQ

It's situated on the border of a swamp biome and parts of it looks glitched.

Be careful, there is an evil witch lurking inside. Who knows what she's doing!

Seed: 1139032603

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I think I found a village in this seed, but I'm not sure where?
My profile pic is a guy kinda with o face. I have moved on from PE, but i would like my 21 subs ytub channel to grow more. I do PC now, but i still play PE sometimes.
thanks sephqq! i really used this seed a lot, in return i give you this seed.
3455888. this gets you a temple and witch hut!
please give me your review on it!
This is really cool
Hi, I Am SephQQ The Creator! Thanks for Posting This Seed On MCPEDCL
If you could, my YouTube name is Hytoid, but what will pop up is SephD34TH. Could u give me credit?