Published on September 11, 2021

Special Mobs Addon

This is an addon based on the java mod called: "Special Mobs", which was made with the permission of the original creator FatherToast. The idea is to add more than 100 creatures to the addon, but at the moment there are only 27. This complement will be continually updated. 


Many Thanks to the original creator in Minecraft java: Father Toast, for allowing me to use the idea and textures of his mod to create this addon.





Zombie Plague

When attacking you it will give you instant poison

Hungry Zombie

It does more damage and it is faster

Zombie Brute

Does more damage

Fire Zombie

Does more damage

Spider Web

Spider Witch

Gives the effect of instant damage

Spider Pale

Gives a poison effect

Desert Spider

Spider Mother

When he dies he drops his babies

Hungry Spider

Flying Spider

Sniper Skeleton

Improved attack range

Posion Skeleton

Fire Skeleton

Skeleton Brute

Dirt Creeper

Hitting it generates dirt

Drowning Creeper

Hitting it generates water

Creeper Gravel

Hitting it generates Gravel

Creeper Death

Doom Creeper

Fire Creeper 

Hitting it generates Fire

Ender Creeper

Yes ... it teleports

Creeper Dark

Lightning Creeper

Generates lightning when approaching!

Splitting Creeper

Jumping Creeper

The mobs will be generated randomly at night, remember that it is a beta and there are errors, I hope you like it

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Can make this texture pack for global resources? I was finding something like this, about different leaves
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Can you make more mobs :)
5 stars
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Still waiting for Alex's Mob.
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