Published on May 20, 2020 (Updated on June 21, 2020)

Speed Runner VS Hunter (Manhunt)

Ever wanted to play one of those videos where a player has a tracker compass and can locate the nearby player then this addon is for you you can play with 2-30 people you can have 2 hunters and 1 speed runner or 5 speed runners and 1 hunter the choice is yours!

Ever wanted to play one of those videos where a player has a tracker compass and can locate the nearby player then this addon is for you you can play with 2-30 people you can have 2 hunters and 1 speedrunner or 5-speed runners and 1 hunter the choice is yours!

If you are not so good at speedrunning just give yourself and iron toolset to begin you can apply this onto any world.

Idea By Dream on youtube:

Dreams Twitch

Dream YT

Track the nearest player with the compass

Track there last location and trap their nether portal

Now Advancements will say in chat (Only Possible with some)

Do /tag add track or /function info for help

If you need help always do /function info

Do not:

Put a MediaFire link into any website and do not use other Link shorteners to give access to this page!

Re-upload onto any online device such as other mod websites

You Can:

Use the file format to rewrite ALL the functions/add functions without uploading the starter ones unless you link this URL!

Select version for changelog:

  • Updated the Pack to cause less lag
  • Added an achievement system
  • Updated Player.json to no longer give 40 hearts (Bug)
  • Improved automatic Start (you still need to run /tag add track)


If you are trying to download onto Xbox go on a different device and enter the media-fire URL into Xbox browser.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

the res and beh is good maybe, but your adfly link is showing innappropriate ads, fix this, apart from this good maybe
this addon is not working and so can i have some more advice of how to use the compass please ??
This pack is awesome! The only problem im experiencing is that my friend is the hunter and hes the only one getting advancements and not me. How to fix it?
Works like a charm! Thanks man. My friends and I did our own manhunt!. Thanks dude! Best addon!
which one am i supposed to download?
the compass only points towards spawn this dosent make sence
The compass just points to world spawn and the pack makes the game laggy
I have not had any lag what device are you using
what is the "beh" and "res" in the downloads?
behavior pack and resource pack
Lmao sithlocks is copied this idea
well you see here technically speaking, he copied dream and didn't credit him until weeks after release. But if we ignore that and assume roman made this as his original idea. I made a bedrock version of dream's pack and not his. plus my pack is better ;)
Well, his pack claims to have support for multiple people being hunted so I'd say that is an advantage it has over yours, not saying yours is bad but this addon is the only one that claims to do that as of now.

I haven't tested it yet so I'll see if it actually works though. It would also be cool if you guys didn't attack each other about copying ideas, the real question would be who wasn't working on replicating manhunt after the millions of views those youtube videos got.
Yes, you do have a point that his supposedly has support for multiple runners which I have not tested as all my normal test subjects are out, My pack has fixed the bug occurring when a hunter's bed is broken. What I hope you draw from this is that his pack may have more features, but my pack has tried to stick to as vanilla as possible as the past updates have been polishing the functions. As for attacking each other, Roman 100% started it. I agree that the drama between the manhunt creators is unprofessional and has no place here. Thankfully the hype about a bedrock port for Manhunt has died down a bit and the drama with it.
Hey, RomanMender. Is it okay if I use this mod on my server? I'm going to be hosting a Speed Runner v Hunter game on my server tomorrow for some of my friends, and will be uploading the video to YouTube. I gave credit to you in the spawn room, FYI.
Some of the advancements activate before my friend actually got them because of the new update. It really defeats the purpose of having the achievements in the first place.
You want to credit your self on yt vids but why you did not even credit the inventor of this challenge huh? And also the thumbnail are stolen from dream just credit and change the thumbnail thats ok
MCPE 1.14.60, it says it's missing one or more dependencies. When I tested it out it was missing the /tag add track command
You can still do /tag add track if it doesn't show it there
Also, the command won't be there unless you enable cheats
I cant import it it doesnt do anything
Advancement Update Coming soon!
Like the idea but why did you put adfly on such a simple thing
If it was simple some1 would have done it before rather than copy my idea (sithlocks)
what happened to "lets just end this"? I didn't steal your addon I was working on it before you had even uploaded it. Continuing to act like this is extremely childish. I would suggest that you drop this drama like you said in the discord convo before you tarnish your name as a content creator any more. Because like you said. Its funny that I only have one addon. I'm in the beginning of my addon creating career, I have nothing to lose, you already have 3 addons under your belt. Its getting old, I have more than enough proof to show I haven't stolen anyone's addon, so in the words of the great RomanMender: "Ok let's Just end this, ok, cya"