Speedrunner Versus Hunter Addon! v2.1 Update (Added Randomizer Feature!)

This addon is an identical recreation of Dream's Speedrunner Versus Hunter plugin, which is known as a popular "Manhunt" youtube series on his channel! The aim of the game is for the Speedrunner to kill the ender dragon and beat Minecraft before the Hunter hunts them down and kills them!

Finally, us as the Bedrock Edition players can experience this challenge!

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v2.1 Update Changelog:

  • Locked Compasses for hunter, juggernauts and teleporters
  • Locked Netherite gear for juggernauts
  • Locked Ender pearls for teleporters
  • Added randomisation function
  • Improved help function
  • Spawnpoint bugfixes
  • New video - explaining all changes from v2.0 - v2.1 in depth


Supported Minecraft versions

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Could you update it?
Can you update to 1.17
Es muy buena el complemento solo espero que cuando lo actualicen corrijan el error de que los hunter se regeneran justo alado del speedruner y solo espero que aiga una manera para que eso no pase.
This is bedrock edition even illuminaHD can't speedrun this with a hunter lol, I hate 1.16.200 they ruinned pearl drop rate to half the % rate and the drop is halved which is worse I'm never updating my game idk lol
Gonna be useful, to maybe use it with a friend when bored and just gonna suffer and wait till someone finally wins, wow my soul is dark my entire life is death , leave me alone :L
4.5 star :L
Doesn’t work anymore
i love you. thank you.
The addon is great!
It works just as perfectly as Dream's but it would be a big ol treaty if you could make more than 1 speedrunner if you could
I'm glad you like it! Sadly, it isn't possible for there to be more than 1 speedrunner at a time due to bedrock limitations. :/
can more than 2 people be the hunters?
Yes, this is very much possible. However, you cannot have multiple speedrunners, but you can have infinite numbers of Hunters.
Why do so many people create manhunts and speedrunner vs hunter?
Because its great for someone who is bored in they're survival world.