Published on April 24, 2020 (Updated on June 01, 2020)

Spider-Man Add-on

With this add-on we add to our Minecraft characters from the spider-man saga, this add-on includes spider-man villains either from comics or movies and spider-mans that appeared in the movies. 

Add-on created by ArathNido. (Twitter)(Youtube)


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1° The animation bug was fixed and the mobs will release experience.

2° Several Spider-Mans will now appear in your Minecraft world

3° The health of the green goblin was reduced.

4° Four new mobs were implemented:

  • Venom
  • Eddie Brock
  • Carnage
  • Cletus Kasady


Supported Minecraft versions

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How do i download this?
Help me download this!! it wont download for, i got a damn virus :(
Hi, I can translate your beautiful addon into Russian and Ukrainian. Just write your Discord.
Its warning and harming your phone this is for beta16
The link... Fix the link......
Please add a function command that gives you items of spiderman (costom) btw your add on is great.
Bonito addon, pero es meh, eres solo un espectador? no puedes ser algún tipo de hombre araña o ser venom (realmente esta algo imcompleto este add-on) 3 estrellas le doy (y 5 si agregas lo de que los jugadores podamos ser hombres arañas o venoms)
This addon is kinda bad,Why cant the player be the venom or the spiderman?,whats the point of the player?,spectator? spawning kill them for loots??,this addon is trash (its just my opinion dont hate me)
I hate u :)
the model looks great it would be greater when theres animations and other features
i really like if you add the 6 sinister
Can u add doctor octopus
The Download link It Litterally just sends You to the same you were on im really Sad AbouT The Fact that this dosent work for me i rly wanted to freaking play it on my xbox one
Nice please add webshooter, Venom and Iron Man