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Published on December 11, 2016 (Updated on December 11, 2016)

Spider Queen Boss Add-on

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Oh no the giant enimy spider tududodududuuddudduuuu
This is What dantdm used :D
ok but make nt random chance plz
make better loot like 1-3 diamonds or 15-20 iron. something of value
I fought a queen spider jockey
This would be SOOOO scary if it was a night ?
Do the same coding but make a squid and rename the squid boss a the kraken.
Hey can you make the spider queen add crown and when its waliking its spawn webs?
Pls do it! Thank you!
Link to MediaFire plz! It is not working. I waited for 15 minutes and still nothing. Probably my IPad's fault
It might not be your IPads fault, how fast is your internet because it could be the reason it's not working
How about you add more abilities
I really like it and I didn't expect it’s size! But if you could add a crown or something that would be AWESOME ?? I give it a clap and a half
It will be awsome if you add crown