Play Spleef, the classic Minecraft minigame. Includes spectator rooms, replayable map, infinite player support, and more.                                            

What is Spleef

Spleef is a game for two or more players. All players are given shovels and placed on a snow platform. They must break the blocks under their opponents so they fall down to the next platform, or out of the map.



This is a classic Spleef map. It features:

  • Tri-level arena
  • Infinite players
  • Spectator rooms
  • Resettable arena


How to play

Gather two or more players. Have one player stand on each of the two bone blocks at spawn. While both are activated, press the gold button to start the game.

When the game starts, all players will be teleported onto the first platform and given shovels. Break snow blocks under your opponents; last player standing wins the game.

Once dead, players can follow stairs down to the spectator rooms to watch the action at each level.

Instructions can also be found in the lectern at spawn.




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“.mcworld has been detected as being suspicious”?

For lack of a better communication method, would an admin please expand on that? I’m not sure what to do to update the world.


  • spleefo_2.mcworld (51.66 KB)
  • Spleef.mcworld (898.02 KB)

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5 / 5 (1 votes)
Cool map for training but can you "revive" the DevMode Addon that you created 5 years ago
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Thank you for the positive feedback!

I… never built a DevMode addon? I didn’t even play Minecraft 5 years ago. Are you thinking of someone else?
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