Published on April 25, 2020 (Updated on April 15, 2022)

Spongebob Add-on

With this add-on we add to our Minecraft Sponge Bob Square Pants, also add secondary characters of Sponge Bob as Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles, Mr. Krabs, Sandy, Gary and others.

Add-on created by ArathNido. (Twitter)(Youtube)(Donations)


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  1. ¡¡The Addon has been completely remastered improving models, textures, adding animations and sounds!!
  2. More utilities have been added to the items and 3D items have been added.}
  3. Added new entities not seen in the previous addon.
  4. The download links have been modified due to search visibility issues.


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Halloween is coming & remember in 2020 you updated this addon to add new mobs.

for halloween can you bring back Halloween Spongebob, Halloween Patrick, Brain Spongebob & The Flying Dutchman

those mobs should come back & they should be in this addon forever
can you fix spongebob robot because when you hit him many times the game crashes and the new update has a lot of game crashing glitches
can you bring back the robot spongebob boss from battle for bikini bottom because most mobs are gone from this add like the halloween ones of spongebob and patrick, the flying dutchman, evil doodle bob and robot plankton. please bring back those mobs
can you make a mickey mouse addon that adds every version of mickey mouse and add mickey mouses friends in the mickey mouse addon
can you add sound effects for doodlebob
can you fix gary because he crashes the game when he attacks a mob
This doesnt need experimental game play lol it works without
Can you give me a link to the mod without AdFly?
Fix the dam link use mediafire
Freez_mango my username November 05, 2021 at 1:57 am
Freez_mango my username November 05, 2021 at 1:57 am
Cool but where boat car i dint see it
Why is there no boat
When you are angry with someone
*Insert caveman spongebob immage*
Appreciate you putting so much work in this add on bro
Next update you should add these characters please please please!! (I might have said some you already have put on accident)

- Mermaid Man
- Barnacle Boy
- Manray
- Karen the computer wife
- Larry the lobster
- Citizen fish (different looking fish)
- Police officer fish
- Mrs. Puff
- Dennis (The assassin from the movie)
- The cyclops (from the movie
- Goofy Goober mascot
- Pearl (Mr.Krabs daughter)
- Sponge-bobs Mom
- Sponegbobs Dad
- SpongeBobs Grandma
- Glove world Mascot
- Worm Pets
- Huge worm

I know this is so much but it would be so cool if you can at least make a few of these thanks for everything!!
I can't download. Im clicking the link and nothing is happening. Can someone help?