Published on December 12, 2020 (Updated on December 29, 2020)

SpongeBob SquarePants Mod

Do you like cartoon? Do you like spongebob squarepants?.Do you like minecraft game?.

Then this addon is for you.

This addon will add 5 spongebob squarepants character from the nickelodeon show to your minecraft world.


iousThis mod will add lots of spongebob squarepants character's


  • Health: 50
  • He was totaly a passive mob so don't attack him.
  • You can tame/have Enchanted jelly,jelly,krabby patty,kelp fries,kelp soda,cookie,nutty butter,sandwhich,enchanted sandwhich,pineapple and tripple gooberberry sunrise.SpongeBob will follow and protect you from monster/evil think.
  • Don't let spongebob fight with monster alone or he will die.
  • SpongeBob will drop sponge if he died.


  • Health:60
  • He was a passive mob so don't attack him.
  • You can tame/have him by gave him every food even gary food's.
  • Patrick will spawn in Bikini bottom.
  • Let him fight with monster but don't stronger mob or he will die.

Karate SpongeBob

  • Health:100
  • He was a passive mob so don't attack him or you die
  • Spawn in Bikini bottom
  • You can tame him with jelly&krabby patty


  • He is a hostile mob and you better kill him fast or he gonno kill you first
  • Health:30
  • He will fight villager&player
  • Doodlebob Will spawn in Bikini bottom at Night.


  • Health:22
  • He was a passive mob so don't attack him.yeah but he not strong enough.
  • You can tame/have him with every food's.Gary will follow and protect you from monsters
  • Don't let Gary fight with strong monster or he will die


  • Health:400
  • She is a passive mob so don't fight her or you got killed by sandy.cause she was stronger then ender dragon
  • You can tame her with Enchanted jelly,jelly,krabby patty,kelp fries,kelp soda,cookie,nutty butter,acorn,sandwhich,enchanted sandwhich,pineapple and tripple gooberberry sunrise 
  • Let her fight alone with evil mob she will won


  • Health:5
  • He is harmful mob but don't kill him look at him how cute is he
  • You can tame/have him with apple 
  • Wormy spawn in Bikini bottom or jungle
  • He can't fight anythink 


  • Health:5
  • He is a hostile mob so kill him if you meet plankton
  • Plankton will drop a formula if you kill him
  • He will hurt each other if Plankton meet Mr.krabs


  • Health:90
  • She is passive mob so don't attack her or you die
  • Karen will spawn in Bikini bottom
  • You can tame her with dried_kelp
  • Just let her fight with monster i'm sure she won


  • Health:5
  • He is harmful but you better kill him for food or tame SpongeBob and Sandy for making jelly.


  • Health:100
  • She was passive so don't attack her or you will die
  • You can tame/have her with Nutty butter,jelly and enchanted apple
  • She will spawn in. Bikini bottom
  • Don't let her fight with boss or she will die alone


  • Health:60
  • He was a passive mob so don't attack him or you die
  • You can tame/have him by giving him Enachanted apple.he was Greedy
  • You can trade with Mr.Krabs to buy krusty krab menu,employeer of krusty krab and else.yeah but Expensive 
  • If Mr.krabs meet plankton they will fighting each other



  • Spatula can be trade with spongebob to get enchanted apple 

Golden Spatula

  • Golden spatula can be trade with spongebob to get a Krabby Patty 


  • Formula can be crafted with paper or get by killing plankton. Can be crafted to Krabby patty

Jelly,nutty butter and enchanted jelly

  • Jelly,enchanted jelly and nutty butter can be cooking in furnace/smoker
  • You can get acorn by killing sandy/Bikini sandy

jelly fish,Blue jelly fish

  • Jelly fish can get by killing a jellyfish. Kill all jellyfish for food^_^

  • Enchanted sandwhich and Sandwhich can be crafted by nutty butter,jelly and bread

Tripple gooberberry sunrise

  • Tripple gooberberry sunrise can be crafted by apple's,cocoa,berry,snowball,sugar and bowl.a bowl of sundae :)


  • You can craft money by green dye and paper or get it from patrick
  • Or you can trade it with Mr.krabs or SpongeBob

Kelp soda

  • You can craft it with kelp and glass bottle
  • Or get it from Mr.krabs but expensive


  • You can craft patty by 1 formula and cook it into delicious Krabby patty.
  • You can cook patty into Krabby Patty with smoker,furnace and campfire


  • You wanna build a Squidward house and SpongeBob house? Then use this block to build
  • Block of Pineapple can be crafted by 9 pineapple
  • Tiki stone can be crafted by cobblestone and blue dye


  • If you think this is dessert no it's Like dessert but no cactus,dead bush or temple.
  • There are where the characters spawn.
  • Every water turn into dark blue like Goo lagoon

Select version for changelog:

  • Now you can use 1 addon not 2 addon anymore bug fixed
  • Sandy health was updated
  • Add more mobs/characters
  • Add more item to the addon
  • Add a block to the addon
  • Add a voice to 4 characters like sandy,patrick and squidward
  • Add a custom biome
  • Add more food's to the addon
  • Jellyfish model was updated
  • Note 
  • Please report a bug or any think


  • Extract the file.
  • Then move the file to resourcr pack and behavior pack on com.mojang
  • And open minecraft 
  • Done enjoy the addon/mod :D

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4.33 / 5 (3 votes)
Use a direct mediafire link for god sakes
Mmm Butty Butter Delicious🌰😛
does this work with 1.17!?!?!
Did you put RP to resource_pack&BP to behavior_pack?🙄
Sorry i forget to tell you that Bubble Stick and Jellyfish Net can be thrown to mob or player.
How to craft net. How to craft jelly fish net
|Stick|string|stick| | jellyfish |
|Stick|string|stick| | net |
| |string| |

And i add Squidward&Bubble Buddy and you can cook SpongeBob SquarePants,Kelp Fries use a everythink
Oh yeah forget to write this to the description.i add Bubble stick to blow bubble and Mrs.puff she has 60 heath you can tame him with krabby patty,kelp soda and kelp fries
Oh i have a trouble at the sound so other don't have sound
Great but wheres my boy squidward, mr krabs or patrick?
Oh o don't add it but in the next update i will add them
Nice work, you added all of my suggestions!
as a spongebob die hard fan, i can say this addon is really fucking amazing
Heyy what’s up man badass mod ! I just wanted to ask if the new mobs have noises ??