Published on March 08, 2017 (Updated on May 21, 2017)

Sports Car: Formula One Add-on

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Can you please make a revamped version of this add-on? I am telling this because nowadays it is possible to make custonm items and entities without replacing anything. Therefore you will be able to make a F1 addon containing more than 2 types of F1 and custom racing suits. This add-on is almost forgotten , therefore it is necessary to make a revamped version of it for Minecraft 1.17. Please do it.
can you please make it work for education imma kid who really likes cars so please?!!!!!!
for the friest thing we cant dollewd it 2 we can not drive 3 weall said we can not dollewd it that the thing duh I:
You just have to press skip ad, duh.
you'll need to activate notifications too on some devices + the actual link is broken
you idiot. All old links are broken. they lead to a corrupt website with no content.
Then just try Addons for Minecraft u can download stuff but some don’t work I downloaded the Jeep mod and the link is broken
Plese add it without add fly cuz add fly just doesn't work for most of people :c You could use other site bud just don't use add fly please :c
The link will not work! Please add a working link as the mod looks cool and all but no one can use it if it doesn't work.
please fix the dowload link,this don't work
THIS SUCKS it sends me to mcpeup which says “cannot access” CHANGE TO MEDIAFIRE PLZ
I wish you could update it to the 2019 car model (with the halo even tho it looks ugly i got used to it so i like it now and so is everyone
Links dont work
Cool game
I also think so
Insted if spiders use horses