Published on May 28, 2017 (Updated on February 05, 2019)

SS10 Shader (Windows 10)

SS10 is the Windows 10 version of Simple Shader which is one of the most popular shaders for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This pack adds an increased realism and much more beautiful looking graphics to the game. However, since this is the first beta there are some elements which aren't added yet. For example, there are no waving plants but that and other features will most likely be added in the next updates.

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Added an external MediaFire download link for those who cannot access the download from my Website


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tbh i dont think this shader really works for windows 10 anymore since bedrock has the new render dragon engine now :/

the creator probably just needs to update it again but idk when he plans on doing that so yea
If u download Minecraft 86x or 32x for windows it will work. Bcuz these versions don't have render dragon
Didnt even work, just that little pixelated triangle, im one 1.17.0 btw
No shaders work in 1.17 ever since RTX was added.
Dumb shaders works in 1.17
shaders don't work on windows 10 until they fix it
sorry to say that this shader has a lot of bugs A LOT OF "BUGS"
its pretty good but i had a few problems with it

1. all villagers are just the regular unemployed ones
2. grass blocks have the full grass texture instead of dirt under it
3. lighting glitches happened often

other than that it's my favourite minecraft bedrock shader, i'd say it's almost #1
These shaders need a new update
theres a weird border around your peripheral vision in the nether
go onto bedrock tweaks. com and download "no vignette" and put it above these shaders, it should fix it
I love vignette cuz i love cinematics
amazing first shader 10/10 would recommend
Why it just change the sun and moon

Are my minecraft crash?
update it to work on 1.14.X 1.10.X 1.11.X 1.12.X & 1.13.X please do it i don't care if you are dead update this shader-pack please
Would love to get in contact with you about having a cloud only shader.
I am unable to deact the shader so I can select another one...anyone else having this issue and how do you do it if there is a way?
Guest-4875216613 May 11, 2020 at 9:32 am
does thius work on the switch?
This shader is Greatest but the clouds makes lag. unfortunately the developer of SS10 shader stopped working and disappeared or maybe died no one knows even his tweeter is long time inactive. I just wish he could update it :(
Guest-9447179534 May 19, 2020 at 6:36 pm
Open Minecraft >> Go to Settings >> Video Section >> Clouds (turn that off, maybe this will help)
But I don't want to lose clouds!
the file size is so small... is that even the right link for the pack??
You wont you will only lose the vanilla clouds but the clouds from the shaders will stay :)
I'm in China, so I can't browse your website. Please update the shader on mcpedl.
sorry, the developer has stop working on this shader.