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Published on December 21, 2016 (Updated on December 21, 2016)

Stained Glass Unlocker Add-on

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They can't even color the inner of the glass; they can only color the reflections. Thus, its already in mcpe
bad addon bro not trying to be mean tho
In the 1.2 update of minecraft pe,they added stained glass. it colors the beam of beacons, But the addon can't color the beam of beacons
You don't even need to use the add-on since there is already stained glass in Minecraft PE/Bedrock. This add-on was made BEFORE that update and due to Minecraft not being capable of that functionality or the maker not being able to know how to add that functionality, the colouring of beacon beams were not available in the past.
Shahrukh Ahmed Hater November 11, 2017 at 6:30 pm
Stained glass is out in mcpe
The maker made it before that update, that's why it exists.
Something is wrong with hooks when I play with this addon.
Orange - 1
Lime - 5
Black - 15
It Worked Really In Android !
At least this add on is going to be useful till the 1.2 update comes out.

P.S do you know if you could make an easier way to get the glass?
Nemorio Hernandez July 04, 2017 at 4:50 pm
Why wont it stay in my inventory if i need a black glass pane i need to spell it out every time and plus it wont let me put it wherever i want it puts it in a random place help me plz
I don't need this.. this looks weird. I would make my own. Why didn't you put the original pc textures..
I wonder why because I don't think addons can change block properties such as transparency. (I might be wrong). But if I'm correct he could have used the pc textures.
They can for xrays sometimes
You seriously need to add new link in it because that mediafire link doesn't download the original file
It doesn't work please can you send me the mod on my email
When I type in the command it says 'Invalid Command Syntax' and I'm like 'say whaaaa????'
Like On PC
It's works for me on my Pocket PE all you have to do is type /setblock ~ ~ ~ stained_glass put in ID there then hit the ENTER button or return button then bam the stained_glass is there behind in front to your left or to your right of you
Plzzz make it so you can use the /give command