Published on January 25, 2022

Star Wars Addon - Alpha 1.0

This is the first version of Star Wars addon, soon it will have many more items, mobs, weapons and much moreIf you want to stay on top of all Star Wars Addon updates just follow me on Twitter or YouTube.
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Special credits: Suspraize Molosfoko


About Star Wars Addon - Alpha 1.0

This version is for performance testing, animations and possible bugs.


Star Wars adds an amazing lightsaber system with custom animations when using it! 

Tie Figther

The addon also adds the famous Tie Fighter, which is fully functional!


The addon also has the cutest and funniest droid of the entire franchise, BB-8


This addon is EXCLUSIVE from MCPEDL, do not publish on other sites without permission!


Before starting to play you need to activate the options at the time of creation of the world

After activating them you can have fun!

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Awesome addon!
It's a good addon. I Love it and use it for my world with some random people but I'm just wondering if this will ever be updated it has been 4 months and seems like your working on other projects.
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add blocking acts like shield with light saber
THE BEST STAR WARS ADD-ON OUT THERE, but when you finish this whole thing, can you make another add-on that’s clone wars? All I would like is an AT-TE, LAAT (republic gunship,) And possibly a LAAT-c that can carry the AT-TE

Only make a LAAT-c if you can figure out that code, the AT-TE would hold 3 people, one pilot who could shoot the front guns and if they held a certain item, they could shoot the main cannon, then two people could sit inside the AT-TE, the republic gunship would hold 5 people, 3 passengers, gunner, and pilot, the pilot could shoot normal bullets and the gunner would do nothing. If you do manage to make a LAAT-C, it would hold 1 person who could not shoot and it would pick up the AT-TE if it touched it, to release the AT-TE, there would be a button where the fire button would be. Please do this, it’s more simple than it sounds.

Summary: AT-TE = 1 pilot/gunner, 2 passengers

LAAT = 3 passengers, 1 stationary “gunner” and a pilot who shoots.

LAAT-C = 1 pilot, button to drop AT-TE

If you are up to it, add some other republic vehicles.

I know I’m asking for a lot, but I mean, that would be the best mod EVER. Also if you make it, credit me for the idea.
I would love to see this come true
This addon is amazing and I can't wait to see what it becomes in the future.
TheFacilityOfDarkNess March 05, 2022 at 7:03 pm
can you make there own hitlts you can customise and add a yellow lightsaber
can you please make this mod playable in survival.
Great work
Maybe in the next update you could add beskar?
Just keep updating it and I’m sure it’ll be an amazing addon! I recommend adding a troop hire and position system eventually. Those are the things you don’t find in many Addons, which is the main thing that prevents me from having fun with most Addons. Also, this is probably the best addon in terms of quality I have found on MCPEDL for Star Wars
Great mod, coolest star wars mod ive found so far, the credits get a little annoying when your trying to just play but otherwise its great
I ended up forgetting to put the credit for a code base, if I still use this code in the next version I'll try to remember to give the credits
Thank you!!! I could never find a good one till now.
Impressive lightsaber animation, good sound effects, lots of potential, I’d recommend working on all the Jedi/Sith/Force stuff before moving onto something like clone wars stuff, start with fully finishing the lightsabers, make them craft able, make more variations e.g. double bladed saber, make the sabers turn on and off, then probably work on the Jedi and sith robes, maybe even add different ranking robes at some point. Overall 9/10 for it being the first version, continue and this could become a very very well known mod.
After that add things in chronological order, the events of phantom menace to clone wars to whatever it is at now.