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Published on January 09, 2016 (Updated on January 09, 2016)

Star Wars Theme Park [Creation]

The Star Wars Theme Park is an amazing map to experience, especially if you are a big fan of Star Wars. There are loads of things to explore and experience. Everything from roller coasters to minigames. The design and layout of the theme park is just surprisingly impressive. To really get an idea of what this map offers check out the images further down, you'll love it!

Creator: AdventureGamingHQ, Twitter Account

Here's the Darth Vader roller coaster which is one of many attractions to try out.

Some attractions are just for the looks, like this ferris wheel.

Go for a ride around the Star Destroyer or enter the spaceship and have a look at the interior.

Endor Search is a little minigame where you need to find some different places.

iOS Warning: A couple of iOS users have reported that this doesn't work for their devices! It might crash on your device!

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Who came here from the video
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i can't wait to try it out especially the freddy fazbear pizza as itis a rip off of that games pizzareia
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Won't install on Windows 10 - just doesn't show up. Tried both the mcworld and zip files.
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I love this world but why is there a FNAF restaurant?
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Maybe because the creator like FNAF
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It wont work,I follow the instalation guides but It wont work.
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Well my friend loves Star Wars Maps, can you create more please?
And remember can you make it 'Download .McWorld not zip or or dropbox
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Thanks for the map?!
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My brother will love this map! Thanks for making this Star Wars map!
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I played this in a really old version one person said he made it it's on multiplayer for mcpe
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So.. How many IOS users reported it on crashing? I want to get it but I'm afraid I'm gonna crash!
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Can you please update this, Editor? It would be perfect with the BB-8 addon, so you could "buy" souvineers. Jedi robes, lightsabers and even your own BB-8! Also an addon suggestion, an R2-D2 add on, where it replaces the skeleton with R2-D2, zombies are replaced with Wookies, and so on. Also, maybe a starwars map?
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Ask AGHQ on his YT channel in the comments, I asked him for this map. I was really greatful.
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