StealthCraft Staff Skin Pack

The StealthCraft Staff Skin Pack is a Skin Pack which contains the skins of Staff Members from the StealthCraft Studios Community. We hope you enjoy these skins in whichever way you please and on behalf of the StealthCraft Studios Staff Team I would like to say thanks for an amazing year and a half of our community, these skins can be used for any occasion but mainly to have fun!

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  • Added all new staff members to bring a total of 16 skins!
  • Updated the descriptions
  • Added new photos and renders
  • Updated download link to accurate version


It won’t let me log in btw it’s me FnafBestBoar
I love the panda 1
Is it possible to make actual wolf and red panda skins. I´ve been searching for hours and yet seen none. that would be amazing if someone made an actual animal skin pack for xbox too.
Don't be rude. AssassinAJ05 These skins are epic
This comment has been removed
Please make fnaf skin
oh no roblox hacker
If you have any issues downloading or any questions let me know
I have an issue whenever i go into mc i dont see it
Lmao you used nova wallpaper