ZooVsYet: Exposed Stronghold With Shipwreck Seed

Seed ID

Pirates came for the stronghold SHITASS
I can't find the stronghold combined with the sunken ship what what is the coordinates
An update seems to have changed things. It doesn't work anymore. The only stronghold is inside a ravine. Exposed still, and cool. But not the underwater one. Any updated seed numbers?
There is no village and there is nothing in the ship
Someone who is annoyed December 18, 2018 at 7:51 am
Ummm this is such a bad seed!!! What ithe heck is the seed number
ZooVsYet is the ID/seed you input.
I dont spawn on this island everytime i try it anyone have a spolution for this?
Go showcase this seed for my future video !!!
How deep is the treasure?
Works great! How do you find the treasure tho? I’m right there but I don’t know how deep to dig.
Very nice seed. A quick tour around the surrounding area, I found 4 shipwrecks, 3 ocean monuments, 5 more villages (most with blacksmiths, and many, many nice looking caves to explore. Dungeon right below spawn and nether fortress very close to portal when you place portal in the spawn village. What more could you ask for! Thanks for sharing!
what are the coords of the portal?
as in the end portal
In the village there is a square house by itself at the end of the dock across from a double garden. In the house, go to the opposite corner from the ladder and dig straight down.
Doesn’t work
Between the shipwreck stronghold (with 2x library and portal room), easily accessible dungeon for grinding and the Netherfortrress with a double blaze spawner right at spawn (if portal is placed in village) I have yet to really adventure on this seed.... because I haven’t needed to!
Hey, I’ve been playing on this map for a bit. Can you give me the coordinates of the dungeon?