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Published on January 06, 2017 (Updated on January 06, 2017)

Structure Block Mod (Android)

Well we don't need to install this because it can obtain using 1 command, that is /give @p structure_block 64 1. But thanks for this add-on because we don't need command anymore. Wait, before I end I have some questions:

1. Is this craftable?
2. Where I can get it in survival?
3. Can I operate structure block in survival?

And thats all!

no longer works because we have structure blocks offically now
I'm gonna talk in 2021's name: "ARE YOU JOKING THIS ALREADY EXISTS AND IT'S FULLY FUNCTIONAL AND EASIER TO USE!!!" - 1.14 bedrock update
Anyone got this working on 1.12 dose nothing for me
How to install it pls?
How can i delete this mod? Please help me.
You're amazing!
Thank you
Same but my version is
I mean there is an error. I hate the error.
You go through the trouble of creating an .apk file; why use blocklauncher which is jankie and doesn't work. Why not make your .apk file just install it directly into mcpe android? Why use a 3rd party software at all? Mcpe android is very accessable and forgiving. Can't get it to work. Too bad
I tried that and it still doesn't show up