Published on July 29, 2021 (Updated on July 29, 2021)

Subterranean Survivability: Rewrite [Beta!]

Subterranean Survivability is a Minecraft Add-On which aims to expand on and improve underground environments. If you've ever wanted to try living underground, this is definitely something for you!Note that this Add-On is still very new, and in active development. Expect radical changes between versions, and loads of new features to come!

Underground Biomes

One of the main features of Subterranean Survivability is its atmosphere-rich underground biomes. Currently, there is only one biome implemented, and one new cave type, but in the coming updates, you can expect many more to come!

*Blast Caves, found below Taiga Biomes*

Unique Monsters

Another key part of this Add-On is the monsters! Although there is only one in the current version, there will be MANY to come very soon!


*Blast Miner, found in the new Blast Caves*


New Ores

Of course, you can't have a cave Add-On without a tonne of brand new ores! This Add-On will also have many ores, and many of them are already implemented, and each serve a unique purpose!

A full list of them are:






*All current ores*


New Weapons

Just for fun, a few new unique weapons will be added to your game! Currently, there is a Dragon-Head Cannon for you to shoot fireworks into the sky or at mobs! There is also a unique-looking rifle, for when the bow isn't enough!


*Some weapons*



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4.56 / 5 (16 votes)
is it compatible with other add-ons?
It would be great if the rifle and the dragon cannon could be added in a separate addons with their crafts because I really love the design and how they are used.
Not great, quite a few bugs, such as the fact that pyrite tools exist, but they all have the texture of the pyrite sword, or that the rifle's components can be crafted, but not the rifle itself. However this mod seems to have a great future so please continue working on it and it will be amazing.
Where is the download for the behaviour pack? already have the resource one.
This is great! But I want him to update to version 1.18, and I'm looking forward to the next update
pls update and add more mobs :)
To be honest, this is one of the highest quality and tragically underrated add-ons I have ever seen. From what I've seen, the level of skill and care you've put into this add-on is phenomenal. I really look forward to seeing your future projects!
does it work on 1.18?
best mod ever
Really cool!Yoy know i will definitely wait for updates
This has to be if not the best Minecraft Add-on I have seen so far, the textures feels very vanilla and I don't usually like guns in add-on but the Miner's Rifle feel vanilla and the Dragon-Head Cannon is really fun using and the cave generation is a whole other thing. I do hope to see what's next but don't rush.
Un buen concepto pero mientras que mantengas un poco el estilo vanilla para que sea aun mejor