Published on June 22, 2016 (Updated on June 22, 2016)

Sugarpack PE [32x32]


Installation Guides

this doesn't work anymore.
Is it only for Android? Or it works for iOS?

Cause I have iOS
Only android I wish they could make it for both
Hii this doesn’t work .
Man I can’t download how did you guys load it
I have Minecraft but HOW DO I DOWNLOAD IT?????
How do you download it
I have Minecraft
I really love this texture pack and thank you so much for all the addons on this site.. it's the best so far..
I am on my phone I can’t get it please fix
I got no Desktop Or Laptop :c Can U Change That Please.
Doesn't wok >:C
Nooooo I Can't not download it!!!!!
Unfortunately, this will not work for me because:

I use the Windows 10 version of the Bedrock Edition (Some people may not know that Windows 10 computers can play PE but they can). Because my downloading is more complicated, I can not use this. This is because...

When I download it I have to go into my files to move it to the correct location in my computer (as normal). But then I see it is a .zip not a .mcpack. I unzip it to edit it (because for me to use .zip Minecraft addons I must go in there and do a little thing) but then I find it doesn't have a manifest. I CAN'T USE THIS BECAUSE THERE IS NO FILE CALLED manifest.json IN IT! The maker of this didn't use all the required files to design this.
Is it that hard for you people to make mediafire link
Guys will be updating it very soon!
Does this work for 1.2.10
I cant get it how do you get Zip files