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Published on August 29, 2017 (Updated on August 29, 2017)

SumoPE [PvP]

SumoPE is a PvP minigame where there are some extra effects which help influence the gameplay. Before starting you can choose between several different effects which can either prove detrimental or helpful for your survival. This game is best played with at least two players, but preferably more.

Creators: Cody2074 (Twitter), LoganS2922 (Twitter)

How to play?

The action takes place in a large circular arena with tall walls. There are two main platforms and both of them are disconnected by a small gap. Your objective is to knock your opponents off a platform. This is the only way to kill them and be the winner.

You can't really cause any major damage to your opponent. The only way to win over them is to knock them off the platform.


  • Everyone must have at least the following weapons: Stone Sword (Knockback 2, Unbreaking 3), Bow (Punch 2, Infinity 1, Unbreaking 3)
  • Don't start the game until everyone are inside the arena
  • Don't PvP in the lobby
  • Read all signs for rules


Important: If you experience any bugs make sure to report them to the creators on Twitter.

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You should use /give and /enchant with command blocks
I used replaceitem, give, and enchant, as well as a few other commands.
Okay, thanks for this maps!
Scratch(China) August 30, 2017 at 4:00 am
I like!
Scratch(China) August 30, 2017 at 3:59 am
The author Hello! I am a player from China, I really like your map! Your work is perfect! Do i want to share this map with my friends in China?
Sure, you can share this, just remember to give credit to the creators and use this link:
But the map needs some upgrades with commands blocks ;(
How so? What should I do to improve?
Sounds awesome !! I will try ;) I will report any bugs in ur twitter or even follow you ;)