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Published on February 28, 2017 (Updated on February 28, 2017)

2360843: Super Flat Spawn

This seed will spawn you in one of the flattest seeds I have ever come across in Pocket Edition. It's really useful in case you want to build something but don't want to spend time terraforming the environment. There are lots of forests in the surrounding areas which should provide enough resources in case you want to build something in survival mode.

Found by: NerdyGuy87

This is what the spawn looks like. Sure, there are a few hills further ahead of spawn but there is a lot of flat space too.

If you walk straight ahead of spawn for 100-150 blocks then you will come to a village which includes four farms and a couple of houses.

Seed: 2360843

Seed ID

Ayy what are the spawn coordinates?
if you dig down 37 bloccks forward and 49 to the richt there is enuf diamonds to make 12 diamond blocks
Best flat seed ive ever came across!! Well 2nd.... The VERY first flat seed is..... 10096069503
Make sure it works almost all the time, i have not used it yet but just make sure
Thanks, I wanted to create a city in Infinite / Old world other than flat, thank you so much
Cat From Black Cat Gaming August 28, 2018 at 1:29 pm
Hey can you find a seed that has a flat nether spawn area and a flat overworld are please it would much be loved.
Cool seed! I made a house with a mine near spawn. And i found a cave! Theres multiple villages.the flat terrain is pretty bigl and a ravine nearby too!

Im playing this in 1.2.10 with experimental gameplay. Pretty cool!
Nobody cares.
Nobody cares that you don't care
At coordinates -100 11 150, I found a ravine with diamonds!!!
TheHealthyEattingCow January 28, 2018 at 7:12 pm
I liked it but no DOWLOAD BUTTON
Go to seeds and write the number of the seed
There's no download button for seeds
Because you can't download seeds ding dong, you have to copy and paste the seed into your world :/
I used the seed and spawned on an island with a dungeon right by spawn in a great cave for mining that has tons of stuff,and to much frickin coal!????????✌?✌???
I found a cross near spawn
Thanks, I been looking for this for a long long long time :D its very use full ?
This is a super cool seed don't have to break any grass to build with a village.
i found 4 pyramids & 4 villages on the mainland and i just explored half
it's totally a useful and awesome seed
This seed has two villages near the spawn.
There is another village near the spawn point.
So this seed has two villages!